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    AP - CPU 100% - PC freezes

    I use Live-Filters (for sharpening, noise-reduction etc.) and adjustment-layers (curves and others) for a non-destructive RAW-development. Of course you can say "we do what we can do for maximum performance and Task-Management is the job of Windows". But as default every task has priority "normal" and this leads to a stopping system. At the end it is the users problem. But i don't think users like applications, that freeze their system. Even if the intention is good. Don't get me wrong: I see the advantages of affinity photo. They are the reason i bought it. But it doesn't make fun if the system is hanging on every action. Maybe you can get a "live-feedback" from the cpu and slow down a little bit if it is at the limit (as an option). Then you could still use all cores and get maximum performance without freezing the system. But is it right, that the graphic card does not support the process very much? The GTX970 seems to relax while cpu is stressed.
  2. Hello, I like Affinity Photo very much, apart from one issue: It over uses CPU For example: I opened a RAW-File in Affinity Photo, switched to Photo-Persona and jused some Filters and Adjustment-Layers. AP used up to 100% CPU, PC freezed several times for some seconds, I could not even move the Mouse-Pointer. Once Screen turned black and Monitor says "no signal". After a few seconds i got the screen back and PC continued working. AP freezes in lots of situations while calculating. Even while saving and after saving (when doing nothing) or calculating the size of a jpeg export. System Specs: i7-4790k, 16 GB RAM (1,5 - 2 were used), Windows 10 In Performance-Settings Rendering ist set to "Default (NVidia Geforce GTX 970) Graphic Card has 4 GB RAM. Usage of GPU was minimal. Never had such Problems with CPU or Monitor-Signal with other Applications. My PC usually works stable. Is it possible, that you don't use the complete cpu-power because AP is not the only Application running on a Windows-System? No other Application claims 100% and stopps the rest of the system. Would be nice if i could play some music in the background while working (for example) but on some operations i can not even move the mouse until calculation ist ready. Hope You can solve the Problem. Thanks! Regards, Thomas