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  1. +1. I agree that "Selection Only" should be default and other options in dropdown menu. So many times I have exported something quickly only to find out later it exported whole document. Upd. Although, actually no, after "Copy as SVG" properly working, it's simple Cmd-C. Maybe Context menu with "Copy as SVG, Copy as PNG etc." will be quicker and better.
  2. Affinity Designer has nice Constraints Studio, that allows to immediately visualise how elements will look like and behave on different website widths. But of course I need to constantly resize it for this purpose.
  3. Example: Responsive website. May I ask why the questions? Will this feature somehow interfere with your workflow?
  4. Problem with Zoom to fit is that I am usually immersed in work on part of the document when I need such resizing. Constantly zooming in/out interferes with the process. There shouldn't be so many actions.
  5. I use it now actually, but it's not that versatile as grabbing the bounding box.
  6. Another quick solution is Cmd-E as in Affinity Photo, but only if the underlying layer is Pixel Layer.
  7. When sketching, I sometimes need to add layer, draw on it, remove unnecessary parts with eraser and merge with previous layer. I do it all the time in Procreate and did it in Photoshop too. Standard workflow. In Affinity it's impossible to do in one-click, I need to select layers, group them and rasterize. I understand there are 3 types of layers and it's not that easy to find beautiful solution, but what I ask at least as a workaround is to add the ability to shift select layers on keyboard (like in Photoshop). This way I can at least add macro to wacom.
  8. Minor feature request. Right now artboards are resized only by 8 control points around the bounding box. When working on very long artboard (e.g. website) if I want to make it wider I have to zoom out to find the exact point and resize with it. Please add ability to resize anywhere on the bounding box like in Figma.
  9. The effect is the same both in Designer and in Photo. First image was from Designer, but here I re-created it in Photo. Yes, brushes are raster based.
  10. Bumping this also. I work in Figma a lot and global command palette is awesome tool for speeding things up. Smart selection is already implemented with plugins, check/uncheck some settings/options (e.g. copy as svg, custom snapping etc.) Possibilites are endless. Hope Affinity will implement this feature too.
  11. Bumping to bring attention. It's the bug I have to deal with on daily basis. Hope it's easy to fix.
  12. I recreated the bug. It is now the same in Affinity Photo.
  13. Well, subj. Here is the sample I did to demonstrate this. In the left is the quick scribble I made with graphite brush. In the center is the nice edge that I made with eraser. And in the right is the lasso tool selection deleted (with Antialiasing and Feather 0,2 px, perfect settings in Photoshop). Look how jagged it is. And there is nothing I can do to fix it despite hours of research and experimenting. It doesn't have to be that bad, quick erasing of unnecessary parts is one of the main functions of the tool.
  14. Affinity has nice feature "Copy as SVG" to clipboard. But unfortunately it doesn't work with Figma at all, everything is copied as 1 px layer. I know there is a checkbox in settings that allows for nice export, but could it be possible to fix this checkbox in clipboard copying also? It's very tedious to export every object manually with Opt-Cmd-Shift-S.
  15. Today I encountered this bug with graphic artifacts, after which the app simply crashes (usually within 4 seconds). The document is very small, it's tiny, just several 1000px artboards. The bug begins after adding live perspective effect to raster layer in Affinity Photo and switching back to Designer. In Affinity Photo it wasn't so bright either, because image layers simply weren't visible, I had to rasterize layer to see it. This might be bug of the software, but it might be also bug of the new iMac'24. I don't know how to check. I bought this mac in November, so it's pretty new. Though after playing several non-demanding games I really did start to see that Affinity's behaviour became slightly different (mainly in the edges of artboards). So it might be huge fail of new M1 chip also. Please help me to investigate further. Affinity graphic artifacts- 1 February 2022.mp4
  16. Would've never found how to make it without your help, thank you! Another trick if you want to actually see the mask you're editing is to switch Composite Alpha view in Channels. Sounds pretty intuitive but it's not actually, especially after decades of Photoshop.
  17. Separate mode is not what I wanted, but definitely what I needed. Fullscreen separate mode is like Affinity version for pros. Every panel snaps to each other, there is a trick how to make color box panel larger, beautiful workflow. If not for that annoying bug with hiding panels, it'd be heaven on Earth.
  18. I don't have those in my Window menu. Probably PC/Mac differences. I'm currently using Separate mode instead and it's quite powerful, but another annoying bug in full screen mode. If I hide panel, it doesn't show up until I switch spaces back and forth.
  19. In this review on 6:58 author shows how to make a new view of the same document and make it smaller ON TOP of the existing view. I tried several times both in Designer and Photo and the only thing I can do is to switch tabs.
  20. Thank you, @ronnyb. It's a lovely app for keyboard shortcuts. I am talking more about menu positions (and panel positions) that don't have any associated shortcuts. For now I use Shift-Cmd-? and it helps a lot. It's like a minimal command palette that's embedded in Mac. But if you've ever tried Atom's command palette, you never want less from serious app.
  21. Selecting text objects with same text style, switching presets in one move, toggle edit all layers on/off without clicking tiny icon. It completely changes (and simplifies) the workflow.
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