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  1. Here's 1 example. Data Merge in Publisher to quickly create a layout with text and objects and then edit this document in Designer as artboards.
  2. PDF loses all frames, text styles, layer names and many other details. Even grouping of text alone is terrible enough to ask for export as .adesign.
  3. These are all legitimate questions, but currently even export as .adesign with artboards would be of great help and provide some very practical uses.
  4. In ADesigner. To be able to edit the document not page by page as now, but like a light table, all at once, with artboards. At least to export apub like this.
  5. Sorry for my English. not native. I meant when you copy from Affinity (as SVG) and then paste it in another app. E.g. Pitch, Keynote etc. (Keynote understands by the way, same as Figma). But many other apps have some conflict with the SVG that Affinity provides and place the result as image instead. It has something to do with embedding viewbox.
  6. Please consider adding the feature to open or export Publisher document as separate artboards in Designer (just like we open PDFs). Publisher has extremely powerful automation tools, but sometimes it's more convenient to work with artboards rather than pages. Also, Designer provides very powerful Export mode which lacks in Publisher. This way it's easier to tailor exporting of all necessary objects in their appropriate formats.
  7. I am aware about "Copy as SVG", but it still doesn't work, just like in version 1. The only application that will understand such SVG that I know is Figma. Every other app pastes the image instead of vector. So in order for vector svg to work, I need to copy as SVG to Figma and then copy it as SVG from Figma and only then other applications can recognize the format.
  8. Please add the ability to export to the clipboard with cmd-opt-shift-S shortcut, just like it already exists in the iPad version. Currently, I have a lot of work where Affinity is a design tool, but the main result is in other application and the pipeline is quite cumbersome. For a simple edit, I have to save the file, open it in Finder, and then transfer it to another program + repeat, repeat, etc. cmd-opt-shift-S allows to choose all the desirable options for export, but it's too "heavyweight" so to say, you need to save to file. While it can be just pressing shortcut + paste to clipboard.
  9. Smart master pages, quick page view with cmd-arrows, 3 Personas, auto-flow, all text frame features, data merge, adding comments to preflight check, etc, etc + it's like a book or pitch deck, everything is ordered, I can quickly move sections if needed, export wip to client to discuss and tons of other subtle things that even funny to say out loud. Guys, really. There is some small benefit in using Publisher for this kind of work.
  10. Obviously, because it suits the task of design best. I'm dealing with 70+ pages with logical structure with the need to add a section or two in-between. Had it the option of exporting to Designer as artboards, it would've even better. If you don't have any constructive suggestion other than stop using Publisher, than perhaps you can bring much more value somewhere else?
  11. The overall workflow is as follows. I create the design of a presentation in Affinity Publisher, but then I need individual elements (usually headings and vector shapes in SVG, but sometimes PNGs) that I can easily transfer to the format required by the client (website, Keynote, Pitch, etc. There's something new every day). So I specifically need these separate pieces. Currently, accomplishing this task quickly is a manual labor nightmare. I would like to set up exporting in a similar way in Designer so that I don't have to manually rename each item and perform other unnecessary, time-consuming tasks.
  12. I need the full power and convenience of Designer's Export Persona to be applicable to Publisher documents. After many unsuccessful attempts, I'm currently resorting to opening two application, creating all the necessary artboards in Designer, and manually copying page by page using Cmd-A, swap, Cmd-V. And only then proceeding to Export all necessary bits the way I want. Is there any way to simplify this meaningless manual labor? Perhaps there is a way to open Publisher pages as artboards from a start? I would appreciate any suggestions you may have. Thanks.
  13. Found this bug in Publisher, but as I remember it's in all apps and stems even from 1.x versions. Small but nagging. In Raster Persona, I add a shortcut to the Brush tool's "Toggle stabilizer". I use opt-/ After restarting the app, there is no longer an attached shortcut. I usually re-load my save Shortcut preferences each time I use Affinity. It's faster than to re-apply. But it's not a good workaround. My other shortcuts are saved, it's just this one.
  14. I have the most strange bug when I use pixel persona in Publisher. When I toggle the stabilizer for the paintbrush, it starts to move in a strange trajectory (not the one I intended), with lag, and only after a few seconds, it draws the line. I uploaded the video. The bug only shows up when I use a tablet. I tried with a mouse, everything works fine. I thought it could be Wacom's problems (and it could, since it doesn't have any drivers for Ventura, and previous drivers were very buggy, I reverted to the 6.3.44-2 version, which was stable and all gestures were working.) But there is no bug in Designer, nor Photo. Only in Publisher. If it helps, the tablet I use is Intuos Pro M PTH-660. Affinity Publisher 2 - <Untitled> [Modified] (90.6%) - 25 February 2023.mp4
  15. Thanks for the workaround, but my message is more a request to make the app a bit more polished and professional than a search for how to solve the problem. It shouldn't be my problem in the first place. I still can switch to "touch for gestures only" if I need polished work. Yet it is a small obstacle to a flow state when using the app.
  16. Today experimented with vector illustrations. Same thing. Several small vector strokes that were unintentionally made by hand appeared in the Layers panel. And this is very annoying because I use Affinity mainly for ideal polished work, not for messy concept/sketch phase. This means I have to constantly worry about them when I work on iPad.
  17. Yes, I'm 100 % sure, and I was recording a video, but something interesting happened. The first time my personal data showed up on iPad, I had to re-record it. And the second time, he saved the standard PDF with all the pages as expected. While recording the second video I was bored and opened "Area - All Pages" and compatibility "PDF 1.7 (Acrobat 8)" rollovers. However, I didn't change anything in them and chose the same options. Don't know if it helps. Also, the second file was smaller. The first one was 5.05 MB, and the second was 4.61 MB. I now wonder what that was and how to recreate it.
  18. The thing that makes me constantly mad. All iPad apps I use (Concepts, Procreate, even Notability) understand that when I hold a pencil, I want to draw with it, not with a finger. But then I still can manipulate shapes/layers etc., with fingers. When I sketch a concept in Affinity Suite on the iPad or refine an illustration, I constantly get small brush strokes from my hand resting on it. But after switching to "touch for gestures only," I always forget that I can't manipulate frame points of objects or select anything anymore because I have to do it with a pencil. Perhaps, it's helpful for someone to sketch with a finger, and some people use this function. But please add the option to switch it off for drawing tools (Paint Brush, Vector Brush, Pencil, etc.) Tools that are intended to be used with Pencil on iPad. P.S. Other than that, new apps are pure joy.
  19. Exporting my project as PDF saves all pages as single-page PDFs instead of creating a book. 2.0.4
  20. +1. I agree that "Selection Only" should be default and other options in dropdown menu. So many times I have exported something quickly only to find out later it exported whole document. Upd. Although, actually no, after "Copy as SVG" properly working, it's simple Cmd-C. Maybe Context menu with "Copy as SVG, Copy as PNG etc." will be quicker and better.
  21. Affinity Designer has nice Constraints Studio, that allows to immediately visualise how elements will look like and behave on different website widths. But of course I need to constantly resize it for this purpose.
  22. Example: Responsive website. May I ask why the questions? Will this feature somehow interfere with your workflow?
  23. Problem with Zoom to fit is that I am usually immersed in work on part of the document when I need such resizing. Constantly zooming in/out interferes with the process. There shouldn't be so many actions.
  24. I use it now actually, but it's not that versatile as grabbing the bounding box.
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