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  1. bfortney

    Won't open .afdesign file

    So this file won't upload anywhere either. It fails when I try to put it up on the forum and dropbox. Likely it will fail elsewhere. I don't know what is going on here. [EDIT] First image removed for privacy reasons (e-mail and user name visible) [EDIT]
  2. bfortney

    Won't open .afdesign file

    So its not letting me attach the file, I can attach the second file I tried to save. The save feedback was something along the lines of 'failure to save' notices. Not entirely sure as this was several days ago now, but it seems the files are just lost at this point. HBL-2.afdesign
  3. So earlier today while working afdesign wouldn't save a file I have been working on for the past week. I didn't think to save a screenshot of that. Then it wouldn't save it as a renamed afdesign file. Thankfully I could put it out as an .eps and that loads just fine. However I cannot open the previous .afdesign file as it was before the bug appeared. I really want to keep this file as it has curve information and I don't want to remake all my shapes to get back to the fine control. Also I would like to avoid this issue in the future. I currently use both Illustrator and this and I would like to at least have one reliable program.