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  1. Hello v-kyr: Thank you very much for the reply. I appreciate the help and clarifications. I am a bit (well, very ) fuzzy about the technical side of photography (until recently I just did point-and-shoot), but am enjoying exploring all the aspects of Manual settings. So I will probably be back here fairly often, asking the really newbie questions. The kind of help you have just posted here is very valuable, and I am grateful for that assistance . I will certainly look at the two programs you have suggested. Peter
  2. Hello MEB: Thank you for your quick reply. That is reassuring (I guess). Now another, probably dumb, question: what does "supported" mean? I have a question about some photos taken by the D7500. If this camera is not yet "supported" would it be difficult, or even impossible, for someone to answer it? I will offer the question anyway, to see what happens. I took a series of photos with the D7500, then loaded them into two different programs to look at the histograms. One program was Affinity and the other is a "View photos"-type program from Nikon (View-Xn-i). I am attaching snapshots of the histogram from each program. They are quite different, and I am wondering why. Which histogram would be the more accurate one? I do not have Lightroom (heresy!) or any other program with which I could compare the histograms, so I am not sure what to make of the different results. Peter
  3. Hello Affiniciados: A total newbie with Affinity Photo, Windows version, with many questions. I notice in Andy's list of supported RAW cameras 1.6.x the Nikon D7500 is not listed. Does that mean that if I have questions related to that camera, I am out of luck? Or is it soon to be added to the list? Questionably, Peter
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