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  1. Hi, I have a gripe about how main image window open on the Mac if you have toolbars set to "Separated Mode". Around 90% of the time, when you open a new window it appears behind a "floating" toolbar window, this making it impossible to move to use any of the button on the title bar without first moving the toolbar window. This is very annoying and makes it hard to do things quickly. I've noticed that Window handling on the Mac has deteriorated in the last 5 years or so, but I remember when window used to remember their last position and size and position themselves Intelligently with respect to any floating toolbar windows. In fact I have some code somewhere that does this which was written years ago. All the Best Dave
  2. Hi, Is there anyway to setup and share a set of Colors between Photo and Designer? I have around 15 Named Colours for an App I an working on, for example, GamePenalty, GameBackground, GameBoardBackground, etc. Can I set these up once and then share then between the two apps, so that when I want to fill an object, I can just select the Colour by Name from the Swatches Pane? All the Best Dave
  3. That's a real shame, as a stop-gap, it would be good if it just saved the last set of parameters so they were already set from last time when you run the New Batch Job command. You might also add a button to reset them.....
  4. Since I originally posted I've added 9 more files, making a total of 63 files. I edited some of the files and trying it again now, it actually did process all 63 files. Not sure what the glitch was last time, unless I somehow de-seleted it. It's really hard to test this as I can't seem to find a way to save the batch job and have to re-enter all the parameters every time I want to export a full set of files. I'll keep an eye on it and if it happens again I'll drop the files into your dropbox as requested. Thanks for the help, All the Best Dave
  5. It seems like, if I add all 54 from the 3 subfolders, then usually its the first or second file in the list that goes missing.....
  6. Hi, I'm using Affinity Photo V1.6.7 on Mac. I have 54 files into 3 folders which I add to a batch jobs. I select an output folder and export to .png. When I do this, one or more of the output files do not get processed. If I add process the folders one at a time, then all files are processed ok. Is this a bug? All the Best Dave
  7. Affinity Photo V1.6.7 MacOS X Hi, I have a couple of questions about Batch Jobs. I have a number of .afphoto files set up in the following folder structure: Images (Folder) Numbers (Folder) Image-Numbers-001 Image-Numbers-002 Image-Numbers-003 etc. Characters (Folder) Image-Characters-001 Image-Characters-002 Image-Characters-003 etc. Colors (Folder) Image-Colors-001 Image-Colors-002 Image-Colors-003 etc. I want to export these to .png files in a different folder but maintaining the existing folder hierarchy, e.g. OutputFolder/Numbers/Image-Numbers-001 OutputFolder/Numbers/Image-Numbers-002 OutputFolder/Numbers/Image-Numbers-003 OutputFolder/Characters/Image-Characters-001 OutputFolder/Characters/Image-Characters-002 OutputFolder/Characters/Image-Characters-003 etc. I managed to setup a batch job to do this, but all the files are stored in "OutputFolder" (e.g. it doesn't create the subfolder). Also, having created a batch job, is there anyway to save it, so it can be easily rerun later or on another machine? Thanks for any help or advice. All the Best Dave
  8. Yes, I can see that for a solution that works for every possibility of Line Style that it isn't as straight forward as it seems, but, IMO something that worked on a limited sub-set would be better than nothing. I've done a lot of these types of charts in the past and in 99% of cases a straight (rectilinear) line is all that is needed. As it is now, I can't use Designer for this job which is off putting since most other Apps of this kind do support some kind if arrow head (albeit in a limited manner). What are "multi line segment Arrow heads" exactly? The first and last segment have an option to include an "arrow head" (< or >) like so: <-----------------+ | | +--------->
  9. Hi and thanks for the reply but I'm really not sure what I'm supposed to do with the "arrows_svg.afdesign" file. I tried the existing "Arrow" Shape, but its not really much help as I need a multi-segment line with the ability to add an Arrow Head to the First and Last Segments.....
  10. Hi, From reading posts on this subject it seems that Designer doesn't support multi line segment Arrow heads, but it is on the roadmap. Does anyone know if this will ever be added? It seems to have been on the list for quite a long time. Not having this simple drawing tool really lets Designer down IMO and is stopping me from adopting it 100% Everything else works so well, I'm amazing at how this simple feature could be left out of this product when there are so many advanced features, why leave out a relatively simple "bread-and-butter" tool? All the Best Dave
  11. Hi, Another question related to drawing lines, is it possible to have a line begin/end with a "Arrow Head" ? I need to do complex diagram and need to show the flow between boxes. Cheers Dave
  12. I was wondering if Designer would be the way to go for this and may well get it, but it would be nice to know how to do it in Photo if its possible...... I can do everything except figure how to set the color non-drawn areas to clear or transparent, if anyone could shed some light on how to do this I'd be really grateful. I have created 3 Layers, one for the text, one for the donut and one for a fill layer. I can then copy this and delete the donut and have both images types, just can't seem to figure out how to set the fill layer to Transparent...... All the Best Dave
  13. Hi, I've just started using Affinity Photo on the Mac and so far I'm very pleased with it although there are a few annoying glitches that will hopefully be fixed in the near future. I am a developer and don't have been used to using Photoshop, but have been put off by having to pay a monthly fee for something I don't use that often. I have some immediate tasks I need to complete and wondered if someone could give me some starters on how to go about doing them in Affinity. I need a number of images all of the size 128 x 128 Pixels, RGB. These are to be included in my App as .png files. There are two types of images as so: Type 1 - 10 Images 128x128 pixels in size. Transparent Background. Text with the Numbers "0" to "9", e.g. 9 images with "0", "1", "2", "3", etc. in them. Text should be centred in the frame of the image. Type 2 - 10 Images 128x128 pixels in size. Same as above but with circular frame around the number like a rim around a coin with the numeral centred within the rim. I think I've figured out how to do this using the donut tool, but I can't seem to figure out how to make the background e.g. non-painted areas transparent (Alpha Channel set to 0). Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. All the Best Dave
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