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  1. phecko

    FX outline with normal paint brush

    Hi DM1, i beleve you’re right. ‘DAUB blackbox - DAUB cartoon pen” seems to do that. All the others are fine. Well, I didn’t check all the brushes. Very stange Thanks Paul
  2. phecko

    Gradient overlay FX, ipad

    I just tried that work around, and yes that works. Hope they fix it. thanks
  3. I’ve read a couple of topics about gradient overlay FX. On my I pad I find that I can only change the color on the left stop, can not delete a stop and can not move a stop. However, if I turn that effect OFF and then I turn it ON again, I can then change color of any stop, can delete a stop and can move a stop.
  4. When I use FX Outline with a simple paint brush, I get a very large outline looking like big pixels. When I use outline with text, outline works perfect. In my sample image you can see the radius is set to 1.
  5. phecko

    Crashing Constantly

    Very interesting PaulC. I tried deleting the history on a file that was crashing and it fixed the problem also. Hope the problem doesn’t come back but for now it looks like another work around. of course I wish Serif would fix this. Paul
  6. Oh, I’m sorry, my issue is on the iPad version.
  7. Funny, I have the reverse problem. My thumbnails update but I can’t see the actual mask.
  8. Just a question or bug, not sure. Under adjustments studio there’s sub menus. The first one is ADJUSTMENT. That sub menu seems to have all of the adjustments that photo supports. But, then there are other sub menus like black and white, brightness/contrast, channel mixer etc. Some of those sub menus have nothing in them, like INVERT, but there is an INVERT with the sub menu ADJUSTMENTS which seems to hold ALL of the adjustments like I indicated before. I thought for example INVERT should be in the ADJUSTMENT sub menu and the INVERT sub menu. Maybe I’m missing something.
  9. phecko

    Save bug

    Yes, just because they can’t reproduce it, it doesn’t mean all is fine. It does exist, and many people post crash problems like us. Thanks for that export work around.
  10. phecko

    Save bug

    Thanks for your effort. I do believe there is a bug and others are getting either this or some other form of this bug. I did attach a crash log back 2 posts. I can imagine that this type of problem must be difficult to fix. Paul
  11. phecko

    Save bug

    Sorry, if you can’t read the last file, here’s another. Text.pdf
  12. phecko

    Save bug

    Crash log Photo iPad-2018-02-26-062510.ips
  13. phecko

    Save bug

    I don’t have a Mac, just a PC. What is the Console app? Is there any other way to create a log or is the log just the history you can see with the history studio? I do believe this is purely a SAVE issue. It ONLY happens when I hit the home button in the upper left to save or affinity photo auto saves my work. In either case affinity photo crashes to iOS home screen. But only happens when a file seems to get corrupted. Other files work fine.
  14. phecko

    Save bug

    Thanks Sean, I can’t reproduce it, but I can explain the general operations that created the problem for me...... 1) fairly simple file with 3 layers, 1 layer an all black background, 1 layer with my name, and 1 layer with 5 painted rectangles. 2) I was painting on the 5 rectangles with protect alpha ON trying to paint only in the rectangles. 3) when I hit the affinity photo HOME button in the upper left, the program crashes to the iOS home screen 4) when I go back into affinity photo again, the thumbnail shows the last thing I drew but the file when loaded does not have the last thing I drew. 5) if I paint again and hit the HOME button in affinity photo, this crash will happen every time. 6) the 2 work arounds listed in this posting will fix the problem but some things will be lost like FX Hope this will help zero in on this problem. I attached a screen shot of my file in affinity photo I also attached what I believe is a corrupt file. I can’t edit and save this file randomly. Thanks Paul Untitled Copy.afphoto

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