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  1. Hello Forum, this is my first post here and I am starting out with a question: most of the times when opening pdfs with embedded fonts, the result is a totally destroyed image due to missing fonts. When I receive pdfs from my graphic designers, they use fonts that I do not have on my system but which are embedded in the pdf. Acrobat opens those just fine, but Affinity Photo does not. Am I doing something wrong? thanx, Andreas Rathammer
  2. rathammer

    pdf import - font missing?

    alright, thanx for the response. at least i know now what .SF stands for :-) but still: why does Photoshop open the pdf correctly and Photo does not - even if it's just rasterised? Does Adobe have access to system fonts that Affinity does not have?
  3. I tried a very simple and non-pro thing today. current demo of affinity photo unfortunately is 1.4.3, so I could not try in 1.5 I needed to import a simple pdf (CD Cover) created from iTunes, so it uses Apple system fonts. in the import dialogue of Photo all seems ok and it says that all fonts are ok. but still when opened, there suddenly is a font missing. you can see the "track times" in the right hand column written with a "C" character instead of the ":" additionally, the pdf opens as a rasterised image instead of vector for the written text. Same happens in Affinity Designer. Why? The same document opens fine in Photoshop (also rasterised, of course) but opens as vector text in Apple Preview App. So the font ".SF NS Text" seems to be present screenshots attached. best, Andreas
  4. rathammer

    PSD Import in AD

    here are two screenshots: the green artifacts are the photoshop document opened in AD. the other one is the png I created from photoshop.