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  1. Hello, Chris_K Not really, when I zoom in and out to force the re-draw, the proportions are still messed up. Other detail that I forgot to say is that the program assumes that the artboards size are the same of the underlines, so I can edit and drag the components on that empty space, out of the visible artboards. Cheers
  2. Hello, first of all, I have to say that Affinity Designer is probably the best design software that I ever bought, really awesome! But I've found a bug that happens since I made the update to 1.6 version. I normally work on a Macbook Pro retina and an external monitor with a lower resolution (1920x1080), and when I change the window between the monitors all the project canvas don't resize correctly, as you can see on this example, from mac screen to the external monitor: Project on Macbook screen: Project on external monitor: Isn't a critical bug, because I can use the program normally if I don't change the window between the monitors, but I decided create the topic for your consideration. Regards, João Marques