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  1. Youpi !! You found it. There really SHOULD be someting in the export dialog warning the document cannot be exported as 24 bits because of its definition.... It does not make sense selecting "PNG-24" to get a 48bits document. EDIT : even better than a warning => Affinity should export as 24bits as expected (like other software). Congratulations @GabrielM !
  2. Thanks again. If I look at "More..." (Plus...) there is no more information about PNG... See picture. I also tried to set "Cache" option to solid black, unckeck ICC profile & metadata (not shown on this screenshot taken before) but no chance either. Yes I can send you the project, in the meantime , if it can help your technicians find the diffence, here are the two PNGs in a zip file : The first is exported by Affinity with settings mentionned above (no transparency in document, solid black, no ICC, no Metadata) and the second is the one exported by Paint.net (no particular settings, just PNG-24), You can tell each one with the text "exported by affinity" in the middle of the first one, or in the filename. I put them in a zip file to avoid a reinterpretation of the forum. ANCEDERGO.zip I have to move out for 2 hours, I'll sure come back to see If this file can help. If you prefer the project file, tell me. Cédric.
  3. Thanks. Just tried (removed document>Transparency). Still not accepted as PNG-24. And for information, there is no PNG-32 in the export dialog (see picture) :
  4. Hi, I encounter a problem when exporting files with file>Export >PNG-24 in Affinity photo 1.6.5 on PC windows 10 1809 (this problem occured in previous versions). The file exported is not recognized as PNG-24 (even well selected in the dialog box). I explain : I make games for VR and I have PNGs to send via web to store platform. The store always says that the PNG I send is not PNG-24. You may say it's a website related problem but NO : If I open the exported-by-affinity PNG in Paint.net software and save it again in PNG-24 => no problem. In short terms : -PNG-24 exported with Affinity photo = > Wrong format -This last Affinity photo's PNG-24 re-exported with Paint.net => It OK. Are you forgetting to add some tags in the file ? Making custom things in it ? (Another problem : when importing a fresh Affinty created PNG-24 in Unity, it takes ages, whilst not if created with other software). Thank you. Cédric.
  5. Thank you Chris B. Do you know what version number will include the fix ? I'm stuck with the since then. Cédric :-)
  6. NICE !! That works fine. I hope I will remember this method that is really quick. Thank you dutchshader. Note : I did not find "Expand Stroke" because of a the french translation "Vectoriser le contour" (which could be translated to "vectorize outline").
  7. I'm trying this, but I don't find "Layer>Expand stroke"... Where is it ? (Seen your result that is good, want to reproduce it).
  8. Yes, all shortcuts stop working ONLY in designer (not in windows or other apps). No, I have not any custom shortcut Yes, french keyboard (Steelseries Apex 150 that works fine everywhere else including Designer
  9. Yes, here it is. If you find a way, it will be nice. Remember : I'm not asking you to recreate the shape for me, I search a "speedy" way to solve my problem oreiller-shape.afdesign
  10. Sorry dutchshader, but as I said part 1) Divide makes a mess. Your advice seems not to take care of what I said in part 2). Thank you for your help.
  11. Hi, I have a shape that is closed and contains a hole. On the picture joined : - This shape is a result of a boolean combination of 2 identical shapes slightly shifted. - The stroke is red - The fill is black. I want to fill the hole in the center of this shape. 1 - I tried all the boolean operations (including divide) with no success, it doesn't "restore" the 2 original shapes as some vertices have been merged. 2 - I tried removing vertices to restore a "filled" shape, but it is too hard as some vertices are overlapping other ones (is there a way to "hide" vertices like in Blender ?) 3 - I could redraw a shape on top of the original, but It's too hard because of the complexity of the bezier curves. 4 - I tried to make a square nested in this shape's layer, but it make the square appears only in the "fill" part of this shape (the black part). How can I fill the center of this shape ? Thank you, Cédric.
  12. Hi, I updated to version and for a reason I don't know how to reproduce, keyboard shortcuts (AD and windows ones) stop working after about a minute ONLY in Designer (not windows). 1 - I quit and relaunched AD and the problem appears again about a minute later. I sometimes press the Windows key by mistake, if that helps. 2 - I reverted to AD and there is no problem. So I keep (french) and will wait for further versions, hoping that this bug is known and will be solved. If someone knows more about it... Cédric. Windows 10 Home French 1709 / 16299.309, 16Go Ram, Core i5-6500, Nvidia GTX1060 driver 391.01,.
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