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  1. I have been having problems with some of my Photoshop compatible plugins, some work, some don't, even when they show as being available. I wrote to the developer of the plugins that were not working "Redfield Plugins", and he has suggested that it is most likely an issue @ Affinity's end. This is his reply "I suppose Affinity does not support multi-core operation plugins. The problem is not a problem of Redfield, it is a problem of Affinity. It is a good idea to send a message to Affinity support team." I was a long-term user of Ps, and had no issues with a broad range of plugin/effects... now wanting to us Affinity Photo as my primary editor, would hope to know and see that all Ps designated plugins are able to operate within the affinity environment. Hopefully some one in Affinity product support can get this checked-out sooner rather than later.
  2. DavidJohn

    Affinity Photo won`t run!

    New here. Trying to get to know & like Affinity Photo, once again, unfortunately, I cannot get the program to start. Installed, uninstalled, cleaned reg, removed "old" leftovers eg folders, reinstalled clean, and still cannot get the latest version to start! nor can I get my previous 1.5 xx to start! All I get is this message :Photo.exe - Appliction Error This application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005) Click to close application ... [attached screenshot img attached] Hmm! suggested fixes appreciated. Thanks