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  1. Files were uploaded. I updated to Sierra too. Also, I played with settings under Performances: - check "use integrated graphics" - flipping between software and OpenGL. "Software" yield worst performance (per my experience of loading 2 files). "OpenGL" seems to have relatively better performance, although it is slower than I would expect from a rather beefy laptop of mine.
  2. After updating to 1.6, it is noticeable slower, unsuable at some points. I noticed that if I load 10+ raw files into Affinity, I would experience extreme slow response. I couldn't even switch between photos.
  3. Another hint for you and your QA department. Once things are settled, finally, I can start using Affinity to edit a pathetic number of 10 photos, I try to enter Developer mode. It will take a full blown 30 seconds to load into Developer mode. Have you guys done a thorough check before releasing?
  4. YOu don't need to. Look here It might as well be memory management within the software it. I literally CANNOT open 10 files at once because it will stall, i.e. slower than a snail crawling across my backyard. 10 files are a most 300MB of memory whereas my laptop is sporting 16GB fo RAM on top of SSD, costed 2000$. What I'm experience is even with near-top-notch computer cannot even run Affinity??
  5. My macbook is 2015 and it is still SUPER SLOW! Almost throw laptop to the wall out of frustration.
  6. I have have recently updated to 1.6.6 version. I often import 10+ photo, raw format from Sony A7. Affinity is super slow while doing this. It's too slow to even switch between photos, let alone post-process them. My laptop is Core i7, SSD, 16GB of RAM. I would figure that it should be enough memory to handle 10 files. Please advice!