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  1. Alenn

    Cannot reset password

    Hi Patrick - thank you for the clear instructions - now have the downloads and look forward to using them pete
  2. Alenn

    Cannot reset password

    Aghhhh! Patrick - where is ‘new to affinity’ ? thanks for coming back to me so quickly - new to affinity isn’t on your web site? Have looked on your website and Facebook page and can’t find it ..... Help pete
  3. Help please I cannot reset my password - I have tried but I do not get an email back from you. I have set up another account using a different email address and that now says the email address or password is wrong when it isn’t so I cannot log onto Affinity on my iMac! I can however log on via this forum - makes no sense. i have upgraded to the recent version and wanted to take you up on the free extras but I’m hitting the above wall. In my opinion the Affinity website is not very user friendly and I find it very frustrating - that said the photo software is great... Pete

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