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  1. It seems to be a bit strange to see that the setting of the windows scale has such an impact on AP, especially in front of the correct function of all other imaging-software including the former AP After re-installation of the latest version of AP and changing my win-scale from 175% (which was necessary in front of a 15" display FullHD) firstly down to 125% and later to 150%, now AP is showing the images correctly. Changes in preferences / retina rendering have no impact ... I still believe that there is some kind of a bug inside AP which has to be resolved, because scaling the windows display up to values even higher than 150% is requested for Notebooks / Laptops with smaller monitors, e.g. 15" in order to get legible signs. Ok, on a 27" Monitor windows scale will be not an issue ... Thanks for your assistance + best regards Armin
  2. Hi xleo, thanks, but we`re talking here about bugs on windows, so my problem is related to Win 10 running on Acer-laptop with display in FullHD (1920 x 1080). I doubt that a configuration change of my display will help because all other software (Lightroom, Photoshop, Capture One etc.) and even AP are working perfectly. Best regards Armin
  3. Facing the same problem as mentionend above: Images appear in main window at reduced size including background patterns! And whatever step of zoom used, the surronding patterns will not disappear and the zoom step to get the image passed into the window (strg+0) will result as shown in the attached screenshot. The navigator window shows the image completely. AP never showed this, so what to do? Best regards Armin