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  1. @Aammppaa Thank you for your effort. I noticed that I indeed do something different. I noticed in your .gif that you used the "align to centre" stroke option. However, I mostly work with strokes aligned to the outside of shapes for my current projects. So I investigated and, indeed, it seems that "align to outside" suffers the effect much more than "align to centre". (Left row: align to outside; middle row: align to centre; right row: align to inside) As one can see, the align to centre option does suffer quite a bit less from the problem, same as in your examples. The "align to inside" seems to be handled best, probably because there are no rounded corner, however, in this example it removed an entire edge from the shape! You're right, that it doesn't seem like much, however, I mostly work with icons from the size range of 16px to 64px and these distortions do actually cause some blurriness and bleeding effect, especially at the size of 16px. @MEB Thank you! It's good to know that this issue is known and being worked on in future. Though I wondered if I could downgrade to version 1.5 again as long as this issue persists. I remember that there were links to older version on the page where I downloaded the update from, but I can't seem to find the link to this page anymore.
  2. Hello affinity team, I've recently upgraded to version 1.6 and have since encountered problems with the "expand stroke" tool. When I try to expande strokes with rounded corners the resulting shape is distorted. This does not happen with straight corners (bottom right in attached picture). It seems to be more pronounced at small sizes. I did not have this problem on version 1.5. Is there a workaround for this? I've since tried to enlarge objects before I expand their strokes, but as someone who mostly works on small icons that's a bit annoying. Thanks Avi
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