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  1. Sorry, I'm a little late... With version it works perfectly now! Thank you so much – good bye, InDesign!
  2. Hi, when I write a pdf for print (or other settings) with embedded fonts the font will be replaced - I recognized this because the mutated german vowels where replaced. I use the Font PT serif and PT sans. I also use FontExplorer X Pro 5 Version 5.5.2 Mac Pro – End 2013 OS: 10.11.6 Regards, Steffi
  3. Thank you Sean P. – that was the problem – I disabled Little Snitch and there it was... Great support! By Steffi
  4. Thank you for the tip – sadly it doesn't work for me...
  5. Hi Support-Team, after the update on 1.6 I'm not able to download the bonus content from the welcome screen. It worked flawlessly with designer, but Affinity Photo doesn't show any options to download the content. Thank you for looking into it! I'm adding a screenshot of the welcome screen. By, Steffi