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  1. If only OBS worked this would have been so much easier Yeah but then its just screen capture and im constantly opening tabs. The windows game recorder method I'm trying at the moment means that I can continue my regular workflow of tabbing out every few minutes to change song or look up a reference but the video is just that of my affinity work so Im not having to chop all the tabbing out of the end video im just left with a solid timelapse that I can just speed up. I started recording a timelapse now using this method before very quickly realising I need to draw and scan a few more assets to complete it.
  2. currently using windows. Screenhunter also perfectly fits what I'm looking for thanks. Ill have a go with it as soon as possible to see if its of better use.
  3. Ok so to answer my original question that answer is to use windows xbox recording software So if you open the xbox software tutorial here: You can tell the xbox capture that affinity is a video game. Then when you open affinity you can bring up the recording bar with windows + G and then start recording. You can open any other program check your emails etc and it will only show this screen.
  4. Yeah I just tried camtasia and it also has the same issue. Im after something that can record a specific program in use not just screen capture. If you had affinity being recorded in camtasia and open your music etc then that window gets recorded.
  5. Just had a go nice software and It does let you select a specific window eg affinity designer. But if while recording say you bring up your emails it will record that. This seems to be a very hard query honestly I've been looking for this myself for several hours now.
  6. just had a go with it doesnt record specific windows
  7. Hi there. I have been using affinity designer for a number of years and recently would like to start recording my workflow to create timelapses. Im looking for a software to capture affinity designer while I do this. Specifically I want to capture just affinity designer so if I minimise it or open another tab over the top it still shows shows the only affinity designer. I've tried OBS which has this specific feature however the canvas records blank. Does anyone know a software that would work? Progress: Windows inbuilt game recording feature allows you to record windows even if they are minimised.
  8. There is the option to add subcategories to assets I was wondering if there was a similar option for palettes? And if so how to implement it.