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  1. OK, that works, but is this "automated"? With Photoshop: open scanned page with e.g. 3 photos: Image ▸ Divide Scanned Photos With AFFINITY: open scanned page with e.g. 3 photos: and for every photo these three steps are requird use the selection tool (rectangular Marquee Tool) to select one of the photos corner-to-corner Edit ▸ Copy File ▸ New From Clipboard 3 clicks versus 13 clicks plus 3 cursor movements..... So I prefer to keep Photoshop for the separation of photos on scanned photo album pages. Maybe a future version of AFFINITY will provide an AUTOMATED way?
  2. Hi, have to scan paper photo album pages which have more than on photos. Result are JPGs having many photos. My old (to be replaced) Photoshop 6 has a specific function: Any similar function with AFFINITY? Or do i have to keep my Photoshop? Thanks for any hint Ulrich