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  1. I tried beta version, and issue solved! thx, Serif UK!
  2. https://youtu.be/KSfNHtB_BT0 Here's the problem. Same issue occurs in Affinity Designer too.
  3. Hello, I bought affinity photo workbook so that I can study in 1 december 2017. Now it is 11 january 2018 and my book hasn't arrived yet. Even though I live in South Korea so that it takes long time to ship, I waited over 40 days. My order number is AZKKGCBZVV I wonder when can I get this book.
  4. My OS is High Sierra (10.13.2). It worked fine when I used Sierra. It all started when I updated to High Sierra.
  5. I tried to write Korean again, but it doesn’t work. Sometimes the solution ahead works, but sometimes doesn’t. I think there should be fundemental solution. I have to set again whenever I log in. and it doesn’t guarantee that typing in Korean without any problem works. I really love the Affinity Photo, but typing problem is very serious problem since it bothers my works.
  6. It worked! Thank you! but I hope the fundemental fix for the program. Thank you, Chris B and the Dev.
  7. There is a serious bug from new macOS update(High Sierra). Korean characters break apart when I type into text directly into text window. It may not be your fault, but please check it out.

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