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  1. Otsvet, I apologize, I do not speak nor read Russian. I do not understand your message. Regards, John
  2. Gabe, No, I cannot attach a screen recording of this bug in action because it would then freeze up my pc, as it has done twice, and the recovery takes almost an hour, but that hour is filled with much frustration. The problem occurred when I was trying to load 35 JPEG files from a folder in my Pictures directory. There was a line of text at the very top of the screen, just to the left of the “- (box) x” icons at the far right. The line said something like “loading 35 JPEG...”. I have Affinity Photo version When this happens I could not escape or exit Affinity Photo. The “x” at the top right of the Affinity Photo screen was inoperative. Also “Conrol-Alt-Delete” was inoperative. My machine was totally locked up and the only way to regain control was to unplug it from the power. Even then, the system files had been corrupted and clicking my mouse on any of the Desktop Icons was useless. I finally used WiseRegCleaner to obtain some semblance of control. Then I used Glary Utilities to rebuild the System Files. The experience was bad enough that I do not want to continue using the new version of Affinity Photo, but would rather go back to my original version. However, I saw that Railroader124 had the same problem and tried to fall back to the previous version of Affinity Photo, but that did not solve the problem; the older version now locked up also. Can you recommend a method to scrub version off of my pc so that I can reload the previous version? I appreciate your time and efforts to help me resolve this problem, and I am also curious if any user other than Railroad124 has encountered this problem. If so, how was it resolved? Thank you, John
  3. I have downloaded the newest version of Affinity Photo. Twice the following has happened: I attempted to open JPEG files and the message in the top right corner says it is opening the files, but nothing happens. After a long time I attempted to close Affinity Photo, but nothing would be accepted by my PC. Then I tried Control-Alt-Delete, which usually allows me to enter the task manager and close what ever application is trying to run. This would not work. My only alternative was to unplug the power cord and allow the PC to go dead. Then upon start up, I had to use a utility to rebuild the system files because they were corrupted. Affinity Photo worked just great until I applied the latest update. I am using a windows PC with Windows 7 64 bit operating system. Help please. Thank you in advance, John
  4. I just repurchased Affinity Photo, I had intended to purchase the Affinity Photo Workbook, but somehow misunderstood what I was doing. How do I reverse this order and order the Affinity Photo Workbook? I originally purchased Affinity Photo about a month ago. John Henry
  5. Hi Lee D, Thank you so much for answering a question that was of real concern to me. I appreciate your time. Sincerely, John
  6. Dear Affinity, I purchased your photo software this week and I am in awe of the quality of your product and your tutorials. I cannot believe that I was lucky enough to stumble upon Affinity Software. Thank you so very much. My question is: I am considering purchasing the new Nikon D850 and if I do, will Affinity Photo be able to handle the rather large files that the D850 generates? Thank you again, and you have a great product. John Shyer, California US
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