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  1. Hey! when I convert my paths in Affinity Designer, it shows me the same thing as in the pictures, the same thing happens in Adobe Illustrator - even on import! I copy and paste my objects. Illustrator has no problems with that, I've done that before. However, if I put a pressure on my object in Affinity Designer, copy the object from Affinity Designer and paste it into Illustrator, it immediately converts it to an area during the import ... I just drew a path, copied and pasted into Illustrator and Illustrator shows me the path as a path..
  2. Hey everyone! I've designed my own font in Affinity Designer. I've used the pen tool. On the path I set a pressure. At the beginning of the path, the contour should be normal and finish fine to the end. I wanted to extend the contour of the path and then the curves are shown angular. My colleague said I should convert the paths in Illustrator, because Illustrator doesn't cause any problems. I did that and Illustrator did not take paths but immediately converted them into an area during import. Same look as Affinity Designer. Then I drew a path WITHOUT PRESSURE and imported into Illustrator. Illustrator easily shows me the path, but as soon as I add a pressure on the path, it immediately turns into an area, which should not be. Is there a solution to this problem? Has anyone had experience with it or the same problem?
  3. Hey guys, I used the path tool and draw a line. I've copied the line and make it bigger. After this I've changed the path into a flat. The little one looks curios than the bigger one (look at the picture). Don't know if this is a bug from the program, system or anything. Hope you can fix it. Thank you.
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