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  1. Excellent - that worked! Thanks very much for your help with this.
  2. Hi, when I attempt to export the attached file to PDF, it displays an error message "An error occurred while exporting to". I can export the file to other formats such as EPS and PSD without an issue, but I need it in PDF. Thanks in advance for taking a look. Nomader_insert_2_10.20.afdesign
  3. @>|< opacity isn't the issue. For some reason when exporting as an EPS file, even though all the text areas were converted to Curves, most of the text still showed up as pixelated when opening in AI. I hired a graphic designer with experience in AD who suggested exporting in PDF instead. That resolved the issue. The printer was able to open the PDF in AI and everything was crisp and clear—no pixelated text like the EPS file had. So this appears to be a bug in AD.
  4. Hi, related to the OP's question, when I convert text to outline (using the curves function), and export as an EPS file, my printer still sees the text as images when importing into AI. Consequently, most of the "text" appears pixelated on their end. How do I resolve this? I've uploaded the AD artwork file, along with some screen captured examples of what my printer is seeing. Thanks in advance for your help. Edit: removed AD file
  5. I wasn't able to see a total in my Font Book, but in running this font checking tool, it says I had 191. Is that considered a lot? I went in and deleted ~60 just now so I current have around 130.
  6. Thanks Mike, I appreciate those tips! I'm very much an amateur when it comes to graphic design and using AD. I'd love to learn more but am limited on time. Are you available for some freelance work? PM me.
  7. I'm having the same intermittent issue. For JPEGs and PNGs: "Failed to open file" "The file could not be opened because permission was denied." For PDFs, it says "Failed to open PDF file" "The file was not found." I'm on Affinity Designer version 1.5.5 When I close and reopen the program, the issue is fixed. But then it reoccurs again randomly.
  8. When I attempt to export the uploaded file as PDF/X-1a, the Export Item status bar gets to about 90% and then seems to just hang indefinitely...longest I tried leaving was 30 minutes before cancelling. Also, upon selection of the X-1a from the PDF drop down menu, the "Estimated File Size: Calculating..." never seems to calculate...longest I tried leaving was for 15 minutes before trying a different export option. X-4 and X-3 seem to be having the same issue, though I'm not needing to use those options, just X-1a. The standard PDF options (print, web, flatten) are working properly. I'm on the latest version of Affinity 1.5.5, using a MacOS High Sierra version 10.13. I'm hoping someone can help troubleshoot this for me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance. US_nomader_packaging_blue_10_22.17.afdesign
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