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  1. Further to Kyle's topic, I get exactly the same issue with ABR files. My original post (for which I never received any help) is here displaying what I see in Affinity Photo, very similar to what Kyle gets: To save clicking through these are my images:
  2. Something else I've noticed is flow rate based on pressure with Apple Pencil doesn't work either. I get a full 100% with every stroke, regardless of how lightly I press.
  3. Somebody else has reposted them online here https://gumroad.com/l/fTeg (you can set the price to $0 to download for free), so I think you'll be ok with downloading them.
  4. Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply. I'm not sure I can send it to you (at least not as a public forum attachment anyway) as they aren't freely available to download without payment, Thanks, Gareth
  5. Just to give some context, these images are what I’m seeing when I paint and in the brush editor in Affinty Photo for iPad.
  6. Hey guys, I'm having an issue with importing .abr files in to Affinty Photo for ipad, where the texture file doesn't load properly. The Windows version of Photoshop (and even Adobe Sketch on iPad) seem to import the texture properly as a single image, on Affinity Photo for iPad when I go in to brush settings it shows in the base texture preview window as x3 copies of the texture side by side across the top half of the box, and the bottom half is just black. When I try drawing with the brush the bottom half of the whole canvas paints as a solid colour, and the top half paints with a texture in relation to the preview box. Does anyone know how to fix it? Have other people experienced this? Thanks, Gareth
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