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  1. hi Callum, hereby an example of a 16 bit TIFF generated from DxO Pro Optics 11 (which is installed in my Windows 10 laptop). thanks for the help! - dodonizer P6231128_DxO_16.tif
  2. hello, Is there a difference in quality of TIFF 16 bit vs DNG as starting point Affinity Photo in iPad? I'm asking this because I somehow cannot transfer the TIFF 16 bit generated from DxO Pro Optics 11 into iPad, but somehow I can transfer the DNG file generated from it. thanks in advance for your advice!
  3. hi, thanks for the tips, in the end I decided to stick with iTunes to copy the .afphoto files. That way, I can also use iTunes to import the TIFF files from PC to iPad on the same session. thanks again for the suggestions!
  4. hi GabrielM and DM1, thank you for the reply, as I am saving the projects inside the iPad, I will try to transfer the files from iPad to PC first. @DM1 : thank you for your recommendation, indeed iTunes is a pain, and I can't seem to find the AP projects inside iTunes in "File Sharing" > "Affinity Photo". I will try your advice with Easus Mobimover and Documents and update you with the outcome. Thanks again!
  5. hi, first of all, sorry if this question has been asked before, but I can't seem to find the ideal solution to my question: I have installed Affinity Photo (AP) in my iPad Pro 10.5 and have accumulated projects within AP. I would like to transfer the projects / AP files into my external HD for archiving purpose.The external HD is usually managed through my Windows desktop with USB connection. May I know what would be the best way to transfer the AP files/ projects from iPad to the External HD? Thank you for your time and help.
  6. hi, I am currently using Snapseed in my Samsung tablet for my photo editing and I am planning to move to iPad Pro + Affinity Photo for my next upgrade. So, I am playing around with Affinity Photo (trial version) in my Windows PC to know more about Affinity Photo and I am impressed with its features and capability. My question is : may I know if there is a feature / tool that is similar to "tonal contrast" in Snapseed ? I suppose it has something to do with "Tonal Mapping" persona, but I can't figure out how it works. Perhaps there is a video tutorial somewhere that I can look into? Thank you in advance for your suggestions and feedback.
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