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  1. Thank you so much !!! I was just looking at it and started thinking “maybe it’s cause there’s a dark colour on top of another dark colour” I’ll play with the colours and sizes and see what happens. thanks
  2. Hey Thanks for the response. Sorry I didn't know I could upload that. Here it is. Also to be a little more clear here is examples of thumbnails and how the quality of mine is terrible compared to others. Thanks Adam Pawns eBook Cover.afphoto
  3. Hello Thanks for your response. Here is two screenshots of what my book cover looks like online and what another cover looks like.... Mine doesn't look good lol you can barely read some of the words. Where everything is very clear on the other one. Sorry if I'm not being clear enough lol Thanks for your help Adam
  4. Heyo!!!!! Thanks for your responses. So basically now they're telling me that when I saved the file I saved it as a Progressive JPEG format and that I should try saving it as a baseline instead....? I've uploaded my file here and even though again in preview on my Mac it looks GREAT, here it looks gross lol. Also I added what the thumbnail of my book cover looks like online. I don't know if this would be the issue, but...when I originally created the file I picked Web as the type but then when I put in the pixel size (1600X2400) it changed the type to Devices and I can't get it to not do that. I'm not sure why it did that as I'm not super smart when it comes to this stuff but maybe that was it? Otherwise I have no idea and I'm just assuming it's something to do with how I'm saving it or somethings happening when I'm uploading it. Help me please lol THANK YOU! Adam
  5. Hello Just wondering if anyone knows of a way to turn off the compression when exporting a JPEG file? If this is even possible... I'm currently trying to upload my book cover to certain websites and even though when I look at the photo in preview it looks great, but when I upload it the thumbnails look awful (pixelated to the max). I've contacted support on these websites and they're advice so far is to up the DPI (which is currently at a 72) and turn off the LZW Compression. Anyone know how to do that? Thanks for the help ! Adam
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