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  1. Thanks, but i think its just how i have done my book that's the problem Its has text that flows over 176 pages, with a page break after each page. Each then has an image placed on it with the text flowing round the image. These images don't move with the text. There was 3 pages i need to delete, but when i do the text flows to the wrong page and the related image does not move. I think the only way in Publisher is to do each page as a separate file and not flow the text. Getting there..... Thanks Old Bruce, your de-link works great but i found to delete you have to select the triangle then go into the text box and click again. I am going through and copying and pasting the text into separate pages and all is OK Maybe they could have a "save as separate pages" where you select the pages and split them, but i cant see that as an option
  2. Hi Walt Thank for that but i have tried all these, i can delete the pages but everything just goes nuts. Is there a way of un-flowing the text on a page? Quick edit, i find that i can drag the pages around and almost get there. No that does not work either,
  3. Just a quick question I have a long text document which i have imported and it flow from page to page, Each page of this is the same format and has a page break and has an image frame with an image in it with the text flowing around it. All good so far. My issue is that i need to remove some pages, however doing so leaves a blank page that i cant seem to remove without upsetting text flow. I have removed all the text and image from the page i need to get rid of. I have tried deleting using backspace but it seems the page break stops this working So my Question: How do you remove a page thats in the middle of flowing text and/or a page break? Thanks
  4. Hi Could I ask if there is a way of making a graph display from figures in Publisher?
  5. Hi I am a new user to Affinity Photo but have used Photoshop for years. I have a Huion GT221 graphics drawing monitor which seems to work well, but I am having one problem. If i select the Brush tool and start drawing the Huion pen will work as it should for a few seconds and then without doing anything the toolbar selection will change to the erazer tool as if I have pressed E on the keyboard. If I move the Pen away from the screen the Eazer tool is selected as if this is some sort of default but i cant see where you change it. The Huion does not do this in Photoshop and I am not pressing the buttons on the pen.bbb Any ideas? as its driving me crackers