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  1. Rayb

    LARGE Export files

    THANKS heaps MEB. I had really hoped it was something simple like this. I never touch this dropdown but somehow it must have been changed recently just as I updated to the newest version. My fault and thanks again for your troubleshooting. Big relief
  2. Rayb

    LARGE Export files

    Hello, I've been using Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for over 6 months and finally had the courage to upgrade to the latest version (in hind sight I wish I didn't). I use both for web designing and now in Affinity Designer when I want to export a 100px x 100px plain white box the jpg size 327kB??? Changing the quality down to 0 still says 327kB. This is just a plain white box with nothing else?? I did the same thing in Affinity Photo and the size is just over 3kB which is what I expect. Can someone please over a solution. I need optimised jpg's / png's for web design. My previous version ( was working great. I even uninstalled and tried to install the older version and still have the same issue so don't understand that at all. At the moment I can't use Affinity Designer at all because of this as I can't export any projects due to this very large file export files size. I hope someone can help. I have attached an exported file of 100px x 100px white box. Thanks.