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  1. duardito

    Affinity Photo 1,6,0,89

    I am having some similar problems like you, application is laggy when I use 2 or 3 filter layer.
  2. Hi, I am having some strange behavior when I use more than 2 live filter, cpu usage is almost 100%, and application is laggy. I am not sure if I had this behavior in previous photo version(1.5). I realized highlight filter provokes this high cpu usage, I do not if it has some relation, but previously I added a high pass layer and a defringe layer. I don't know if I am doing something wrong, is there some basic rule how to work with several live filter layers? do I must combine then when I have more than 2, or 3?
  3. Hi, I am having some problems, sometimes, affinity crashes with no reason, last time was 1 minute ago, I just was modifying curves. I previously applied 3 live filter layer, I will try reproduce it. some suggestions?
  4. I have same problem, randomly this situation is happening.
  5. Hello this is my first topic, I will probably buy windows license because I believe it is a great tool for developing raw xtrans-III files, I am using trial version right and I do not find 2 things: 1.- fujifilm color presets 2.- lens correction presets regards