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  1. Also seeing a slow load time on my new M1 MacBook Air. Doesn't seem to matter if other apps are open or not, so it seems to be a launch issue. With the SSD speeds of the new MBA, it should be loading very fast. BTW, once loaded, it seems the M1 optimized version on my MacBook Air (8 CPU/8 GPU) runs lightning fast!!
  2. Turning off Parallel Processing works. Just batched 24 photos and it ran straight through.
  3. I have just started working with the Mojave Public Beta to see what may be broke and what works. I have found that in the batch processing is a casualty with the currently released MacApp Store version (1.6.7) of Affinity Photo. What I was attempting to do was to convert several TIFF files to 100% quality JPEGs. If three or fewer files are selected, the batch process works. If 5 or more files are selected, the batch process hangs and never progresses. I know that the current version may not be qualified for Mojave, but thought I would give a heads up on the issue as something to look at down the road. Although I have not done really extensive work, it does seem that adjustments are working, and layers do what they are supposed to and plug in support for Topaz Studio is working. If I run into any other quirks I will let you know. If there is any other info you need feel free to ask. Current System:
  4. Thanks so much for the quick response and glad to see it is already known as an issue.
  5. First, I have finally got off the Adobe treadmill and have purchased Affinity Photo and like it quite a bit. However, there are a few quirks I need to get used to or workaround, perhaps temporarily. The first issue I have run across is color space and plugins. First, my Adobe workflow was: Lightroom->Photoshop-> Plugin(s)->Photoshop My new work flow is now: DXO Optics Pro->Affinity Photo->Plugin(s)->Affinity Photo In the Adobe flow, I was working in the Pro Photo colorspace until it was time to print, post, or otherwise finalize and then convert to required color space. Using Pro Photo color space in my new environment passes incorrect color info to my plugins, i.e. the colors are dramatically different. This was not the case in the Adobe flow. If it matters, the plugins in question are Neat Image and Topaz Lab's Topaz Studio both of which claim compatibility, but both exhibit the same color issue that was not present using the Adobe flow. Currently, a workaround seems to be to use the sRGB color space. Using this, the colors do remain true throughout the process. So, it seems the plugins are not being sent any color info or incorrect color info. Other than the color issue, both plugins are working very well with Affinity Photo. So, my question, is this a bug, limitation, or something already being sorted out. I am using the MacApp Store version of your product. As an aside, I see a variety of "sRGB" profiles (.icc files). For best compatibility, which one should be maintained through the workflow, or does it not really matter?
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