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  1. Hi. I would appreciate if it would be possible to individualize the studio chronology, because I have my own workflow which is consisting of a total different chronology AP dictates by default. Rgds. Frank
  2. Frank Tanner Photography

    Panorama Stitching Failure

    Thank you for replying. Good to know, that it´s under construction. Rgds. Frank
  3. Hi. I would appreciate that the Show Touches Function would be not just a blueish visualized circle. Wouldn't it be possible to programm it as a a transparent inner and outer circle which shows the grade of chosen intensity? And it would be great if the intensity is not added again and again as long I touch the surface, just if I change the intensity. Rgds, Frank
  4. Frank Tanner Photography

    Loss of Work after AP closed

    AP Pro 2017, 12,9", 512 GB, iOS 11 Hi. Yesterday I worked on a picture and exported it as JPG. My default settings on AP are to save everything after three minutes. After I closed the programm and opened it up today again, everyething I had done was gone. I just had the originial picture and a couple of changes in the protocol. Until now I don't know what happend. The older pictures I have on AP are intact including ebery work step, but without saving as .affinity file. In my opinion these problems appeared after the last firmware update in september. Rgds, Frank
  5. Frank Tanner Photography

    Panorama Stitching Failure

    AP Pro 2017, 12,9", 512 GB, iOS 11 Hi. I stitched a panorama. Several times the thumbnail wasn't shown and the developement process freezed. Rgds, Frank
  6. Hi. Since a couple of weeks, I am owner of an iPad Pro 12,9 II. I bought it as an alternative to a Mac Book Pro and because I moved abroad. So I wanted something to edit pictures and do some orga-work. Well, I use a Fuji X-Pro 2 and was surprised that an direct import of RAWs in Affinity Photo Mobile via Apple SD card reader is not working. That is something I expected. Then I learned that it is impossible to import comressed raw files to Apple Photo. Actually I ask myself if both - Apple and Affinity do have an agreement to prevent practical workflow, do they? I would appreciate if Affinity will enable an direct import of compressed raw files via SD card reader. Please fix that. And by the way. It would be great for workflow if I use an effect that automatically a layer ist added to the picture. Maybe I haven't anderstood to do it correctly, but actually I just can add an effect on the base layer/picture. Kind regards, Frank
  7. Frank Tanner Photography

    Lightroom-style Library Module

    It´s the same to me. Since years I use Adobe PS and LR. So I am relatively new to Affinity Photo. I switched because I prefer to purchase a software package once. The price of PS was far beyond for me, LR was acceptable. But after the announcement, that LR will not be updated further more, I would appreciate if Affinity Photo will develop their own solution in Lightroom style. Maybe as a a implementable module, a standalone software or what else. But I am done with Adobe, that´s for sure. Cheers, Frank

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