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  1. Thanks, i got most of the way there with the clone tool. Took a couple hours but I got something workable. Thanks for the help!!!
  2. thanks toltec! I'm gonna have to learn how to use those tools haha. canvas size was a snap, just didn't know where that was :-)
  3. Hi all, i'm a photo editing newbie (i just learn as much as need to accomplish the task I want lol) I have a photo that I'd like to use for my youtube channel banner, but youtube auto crops the edges quite severely, and the photo subjects take up a lot of the area of the photo, so they get cropped right out. I was wondering if it would be possible to copy and paste the edges to make the photo larger, basically adding more area around the subjects on all sides. It might not work at all and I'll definitely have to to do some massaging and editing. How would I go about
  4. Hi guys, purchased Affinity photo 1.5 for OSX from the apple app store. I got an email today announcing 1.6 and it sounds like it's a free update. But, I can't figure out whether I actually have an account or not, and I didn't see a register option on the website near the account login. Do i need to create my account through the actual program.
  5. Thanks!! Hopefully I'll learn quick and stop asking basic questions
  6. Ah, I think I got it. I was using this button to make the text white, and I guess that must have been what was rasterizing it. Thanks for the pointer in the right direction!
  7. That's strange, although I'm not sure what rasterize means to be honest! When i open the file i attached, I see two layers, the pixel layer with the text and the background. I entered it using the artistic text tool, and when I click on that tool, it still shows a frame around the text, which i can rotate, move, etc. It just doesn't seem to let me edit the text at all when i click on the text. instead it adds a new text layer :-/
  8. Hi all, i'm very new to affinity and photo editing in general. I have a picture in which I've added a layer of text. It seems that I once it's created, I can't edit the text however. clicking on it with the pointer tool selects it, or the background behind it, but won't let me edit. clicking on it with the text tool just starts a new text layer on top of the old one. I must be doing something wrong on a basic level. Any ideas? I've attached my project if anyone cares to open it up and have a look. I'm on a mac, sierra OS. affinity v 1.5.2 Thanks!!
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