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    grodid got a reaction from unni in Luminosity Masks   
    Bonjour, Thank you for sharing this, Smadell!  I'm new to AP, and I believe these macros could help me.
    However, I do not understand how to use/apply them, and, first thing, where to begin.
    I got AP 1.8.3, and here is what I need to achieve on a specific picture :
    - the upper left corner (ULC) is correctly exposed
    - but the lower right corner (LRC) is definitely over-exposed
    So, I believe I need to apply a luminosity or exposition gradient starting from ULC and ending in LRC.
    Could someone explain to me in details how to achieve these adjustements, please,
    showing which menus and submenus and commands I need to activate ?
    I think it could be better to be able to apply a gradient more sophisticated than a simple linear gradient.
    I have absolutely no background and no vocabulary about this kind of work.
    Thanks very much,  G.G.
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