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  1. rasworth

    Select raw or jpg

    And while I'm complaining, Affinity Photo needs to add a Moments type of display, in order to easily find specific images to import. I may have several hundred images in the camera roll, would be much more convenient to split by date, per Moments. Richard Southworth
  2. rasworth

    Select raw or jpg

    I never said the Photos app displays both the raw and jpg, only that both are present in the iPad storage. There are other apps, including Lightroom and FSN Pro and Photosync, that allow one to selectively bring either the raw or the jpg into the app. The images are all in the Photos sandbox, therefore the api must allow either to be extracted, as evidenced by the other apps. My workaround for Affinity is to view the image in Photosync, which picks the jpg for view mode, and "export" it to Affinity. However, I believe to be truly full functioned, Affinity should allow either to be imported, depending upon the intent of the user. I've attached a screenshot of Photosync on the iPad, showing how it represents the Photos storage, which I find very useful. Richard Southworth
  3. rasworth

    Select raw or jpg

    And in case you're still a disbeliever, I have attached a file manager screen shot of the iPad image contents. I set my camera so that the jpg is half the linear resolution of the raw, making it about the right size for displaying on the iPad. Photos will show the separate jpg if it exists rather than the embedded version. Richard Southworth
  4. rasworth

    Select raw or jpg

    That's not correct, when using the camera connection kit on an iPad both the raw and jpg are brought into photos. I'm well aware of the embedded jpeg in a raw, and if I didn't also shoot the jpeg you would be correct. There are other apps that show the dual files in Photos, such as Photosync, which is my primary means of transferring image files off of the iPad onto my pc. And there are other apps, such as FSN Pro, that will selectively process either the raw or jpg, so again my question is how does one pick the jpg (not embedded) for processing in Affinity? Richard Southworth
  5. I normally shoot raw + jpg on my cameras, and import to the iPad with the camera connection kit. When I import from photos into Affinity, only the raw is selected. I would like to be able to either bring in both or have some means to select, is such possible with the present app? There are times when importing the jpg is preferable, for a quick edit and send out. Richard Southworth