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  1. I have color negs that I would like to work on in AP, mainly for the practice. I have "scanned" the negs using my camera. Using Photoshop, a;; I need to do is open the file, select adjustments, click on Image, Adjustments, Levels and select the "White Point" picker, the eyedropper to the far right. I then go into my image and click on the orange area at the far edge of the negative. I then go back to "Image", "Adjustments" and select "Invert". This gets me really close tow hat the image should look like, it's not exact, but does give a starting point. I have also had some success with using "Curves", just swap them. The "Black point" up and the "White Point" down. This at least gives you another starting point. Is there anyway to duplicate this process in AP? Thanks, Mike

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