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  1. I mostly work on UI design for web and mobile apps. I often create many screens of content that utilize common elements like buttons. I would love if I could have my buttons resize automatically when I type a different label. This feature is currently available in Sketch via a 3rd party plugin: https://github.com/kenmoore/Sketch-Relabel-Button Constraints are wonderful, but don't go quite far enough in situations like this. Perhaps it would be nice to have a more complex system to define padding rules around elements, but that may be over-engineering the solution when all I typically want is for buttons (or other components with nested text, such as tabs, badges, etc) to resize when labels are changed. I also noticed an up-and-coming app, Subform, is working on this feature and it looks pretty fantastic. See "figure 9" on this page: https://www.subformapp.com/#content Thanks!