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  1. Hi, thanks, All details now listed under signature My details; AF Photo i'm using PC Win Home Premium. Service pack 1. Intel (R) core (TM) i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40ghz. RAM 12.0GB 64 Bit OS on an HP Envy John R - I cant find Malwarebytes but I did notice that in Task manager, Photo.EXE under affinity, the memory is steadily increasing when AF is open and CPU is 00, but nothing loaded or being used ?
  2. AF keeps freezing during any operation and flags up 'AF not responding' even when its the only program open, any advice ? i'm using the same PC i've always used AF on but its gradually becoming more frequent 4-5 times with 30mins use. When it was first installed, all was fine. No new programs installed on my pc only he usual windows upgrades !
  3. Thanks guys, with ref to my Q3 When printing, AF suggests you create a ‘New document’ to paste your photo into (to give you more control) but shouldn’t it be a ‘new print’ not ‘new photo’ as the page preset doesn’t list (for example) an A3 size print size. So when I print an A3, its undersize and not A3 ie it shows a 17” x 11” page pre-set but an A3 is 11.69” x 16.53” (if you look under ‘new print’ it lists all the paper sizes). On the printer menu page set-up - Should I be using ; Normal size, borderless, fit to page or scaled on my canon printer ? Should my print type be; Scale, fit-to-printable or shrink-to-printable ? Should my layout be defined by driver or paper size ?
  4. Hi can anyone help with my printing and cropping problems ?, (I have watched the AF video's on printing & have imported ICC profiles for the paper) 1. If i have to crop a photo, Im trying to crop to a custom ratio that fits a paper size. I cant find anywhere that lists or explains how to calculate all paper size ratio's ? 2. If i set a custom ratio of 'absolute dimensions,' it alters and isn't constrained ? what should i do to constrain the ratio i want ? 3. Following the AF video to print, it says 'make a new "photo" document' ? shouldn't that be a 'new print' ? as the 'page' presets do not match an A3 size (17"x11") ?, therefore when i come to print an A3 its always under size as an A3 is 11.69" x 16.54" 4. Should i be 're-sizing the document to the paper size that i want to print on ? 5. Should my colour be RGB8 or RGB16 ? 6, Should I use AF to print or use my printer software to print ? 7 Where in AF can I find a tool to place my photo in the center of the paper to print ? Thanks
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