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  1. jbonifacio

    Crashing immediately when selecing export

    @pauls - thank you! I'm using the Beta now. So far, so good. Affinity designer isn't crashing anymore when I export.
  2. jbonifacio

    Crashing immediately when selecing export

    I am also encountering this issue. Whenever I try to export anything, Affinity Designer just crashes. The fix that Halias suggested above does not work.
  3. I'm on Mac, using Affinity Designer 1.6 One thing these files have in common is they have multiple PDFs placed inside the Affinity Designer document. I'm using Affinity Designer to import and annotate PDFs of wireframes that were created in Sketch. I should correct my earlier post: previously, I thought I couldn't open the files anymore. It turns out that the files do open — it's just that it takes my new MacBook Pro 30 minutes to open a 33MB Affinity Designer file. My fix was to split the Affinity Designer files in half. It's not ideal. I mean — Affinity should be able to handle large file sizes. Thank you!
  4. Hello - I upgraded to 1.6 recently. I have some files that I created with 1.5 a while ago. Now I can't open it using Affinity Designer 1.6. Any ideas?
  5. Yes, I am using an external monitor - an Apple 27-inch Thunderbolt monitor that is connected to my MacBook Pro (with USB-C and touch bar). Thanks for the beta version link. Unfortunately, I may not be able to use that. I use Affinity for some critical production work. I think I'll have to wait until the production release. Hopefully it's soon
  6. This happens quite frequently: I'm using Affinity Designer I leave my MacBook Pro (with touch bar) until it goes to sleep I come back and wake up my computer Affinity Designer's artboard is black. I can't see anything. In order to get it working again, I have to save my file, quit Affinity designer open Affinity designer open my files. I attached a screenshot. Any ideas? Thanks, friends!