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  1. Looks like an issue with the box blur, which I've got cropped within a rectangle, but the crop doesn't seem to affect it when hidden. When hiding the box blur rendering returns to normal.
  2. Thanks Paul, done! Sorry if I've missed an existing bug, I had a look through recent topics but couldn't see anything related.
  3. Not sure what's happening here... Relatively small file is struggling to render properly, with these weird "whitespace grid" lines appearing and I'm pretty sure I didn't save those headings with a terrible line height. Could it be an issue with the lack of RAM, as I'm only on 8Gb of 2400hz? The grid lines get thicker when I Zoom in, affecting everything in the display. As you can see, it's only affecting the rendered page, not the whole program. Any help appreciated! Not sure if it's a bug or my computer, would help me obtain an upgrade from IT if the latter!! Screenshot: PC specs - using Intel HD 530 graphics (work desktop...):
  4. Hi, I was recently using the Publisher Beta and unfortunately, lost a bit of (thankfully simple!) work due to a disconnection with my work VPN. We use a VPN to access in-house servers, which has a fairly short timeout period. Whilst working on a Publisher file, the VPN disconnected. When I went to save my work, an error popped up saying that Publisher had lost access to the file (and linked files) and immediately closed. My work was gone and a shock on my face. Whilst common sense would propose saving frequently, is it silly to suggest a failsafe option of switching to the Save As menu when this happens? My project was using linked files, but surely there's a way around this for those accessing work files remotely? Thanks and keep up the great work! Levi
  5. I've had a frustrating issue of late...I noticed that every now and then, Designer would stop responding to me even though I could still move layers around with my mouse. I quickly realised that I could type as normal but keyboard shortcuts weren't registering with the program after using alt-tab to switch windows. All shortcuts - save, clipboard, single key shortcuts - stop working and I have to manually save and restart Designer with my mouse to regain normal functionality. It looks like either Designer or Windows isn't registering when the user has Designer back in focus after disabling shortcuts to switch out. It's a weird one, hope someone can help!

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