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  1. Mark I'm sorry if you took my comment as an offense, but I can say that offended should be all those Affinity customers, including myself, who bought a product supported just through a forum, forum in which, by the way, to find the solution of a problem very common like mine, takes hours to find, and, to make it worst, when I first found it, it was incomplete... the real solution was given buy someone like me, a savvy Windows user, not an Affinity Advanced member like you. Even though Windows sucks, I don't blame Windows because it was there way before than Affinity, Affinity was made to run over Windows, not the other way around. The whole Adobe CC runs in my computer, with a legacy Windows 7 Ultimate WITHOUT Aero, but Affinity needs Aero enabled in order to run... sounds really silly. Windows 7 is still used by a bunch (a lot) of people, and most of designers use multiple monitors to work. Knowing those facts and being Affinity Photo a software for designers, wouldn't have been better if Affinity would have given the solution in a more explicit way? (unless they don't even know about it). In the system requirements (https://affinity.serif.com/en-us/photo/full-feature-list/#system-requirements) instead of just saying "Windows® 7 (Service Pack 1; Aero enabled)" Affinity should have added something like "If Aero were not enabled, click here". I spent 3 days to find the solution, if Affinity would have been more explicit, I would have saved that time.
  2. I'm a video editor and photographer, in order to work fluidly and comfortable I have a computer with 4 monitors running on Windows 7 Ultimate. After buying Affinity and A LOT OF RESEARCH I found out that Aero is disabled by Windows when it detects more than 3 monitors. I bought Affinity Photo because it looked like a good replacement for Photoshop or an extra tool for my work. Now, when I try to run the program, it does not do it because my Windows disabled Aero, I have several programs for design, video edition, photography, etc. and Affinity Photo IS THE ONLY ONE THAT DOES NOT RUN ON MY COMPUTER. WHAT KIND OF CRAP I HAVE BOUGHT? $50.00 and a lot of time lost. Is this company help customers like me having this problem? Please, HELP!!!
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