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  1. Well technically it is possible, and as for the other three I don't see why Microsoft or Serif wouldn't want to make some extra dollars from customers who already paid once. All I'm saying is that if a lot of people want this, it would make sense to look into it.
  2. Maybe add it as a feature request to see the community interest? If a lot of people want to do it, and are even willing to pay for the product again, say 30% or so of the price, surely there wouldn't be any loss for you guys?
  3. Ok, thanks for clarifying. That's sad, I think Microsoft would gain a lot by allowing people to seamlessly move into their eco system when existing apps appear in the store.
  4. That's odd, I have a few developers at my work who wrote Windows apps and they handed out codes that we could use to redeem their app in Microsoft store. This was about a year ago, maybe it changed since then. Any way I'm happy with the stand alone products but it would be sweet to have it bundled with my other Microsoft products. Edit: Here is a link that describes promo codes: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/uwp/publish/generate-promotional-codes
  5. I think it would be great if any existing owners of the Affinity products for windows could get codes for Microsoft Store so we can have the product installed through it, it has its benefits when it comes to switching machines, automatic updates, etc.
  6. Thanks for the info, I just installed the Designer Beta and indeed a bunch of CMYK profiles are now listed in the app and opening the abovementioned .EPS works fine on both our machines. Thanks guys
  7. Thanks, I’ll try the beta. A collegue tried on an almost fresh Windows 10 install and got the same problem, so if the cause is an existing CMYK profile it is probably one that is included with Windows 10. Are you sure there should be 20 available CMYK profiles? Should these installed by Affinity? Looking at my colleague's (relatively fresh) machine he only has one Euroscale Coated v2 Several RGB color profiles though, but they are listed as they should in the app.
  8. OK, some more info. Affinity Photo I manually installed a new CMYK color profile. It shows up in Affinity Photo, I selected it in the list and can now open .EPS CMYK. However If I restart Affinity Photo the selected CMYK color profile is empty again. When no profile is selected, opening any CMYK file crashes the application. Affinity Designer In Affinity Designer the CMYK color profiles do not show up at all. The list is completely empty even though several are installed on my machine and therefore crashes whenever a CMYK is opened. All other color profile lists are populated correctly so this seems to be a CMYK only problem. So my guess is the dialogue that pops up asking for converting the profile does not have null handling of the list but instead expects a list with at least one profile. So the exception is probably becuase a reference to null, but the underlying problem is that CMYK Color Profiles are not loaded correctly for Affinity Photo and Designer in Windows 10. "Workaround" Not really a workaround becuase the image colors will not be displayed correctly, but disabling the Colour Profile option "Warn when assigning working profile to unprofiled files" gets rid of the exception.
  9. If you mean settings > Colour, I do not have any CMYK color profile set, and none are available.
  10. Affinity Designer & Photo both crash on startup on Windows 10 when trying to open any .EPS CMYK image. Affinity Designer Version: OS: Windows 10 (up to date) Test image: https://www.livsmedelsverket.se/globalassets/om-oss/press/logotyper/livsmedelsverket-logotyp-cmyk.eps Attached .DMP and screenshot. 8abd9049-05a7-4934-85d8-033293a0d8e3.dmp