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  1. I uploaded a video of the project. Hey Meb, All I’m doing in my workflow is cropping an image so I can see the jewelry closer and when I apply the fx and merge them down the borders appear...
  2. Ok, I just uploaded it. I notice this the most when I’m editing a raw photo and have to merge down any fx, unmask sharp, lighting, vignette, etc. The file I just sent you is of a jpeg that has unmask sharp merged down. You can still see the white frame if you zoom in. I wasn’t able to upload the raw file project, it kept freezing. Thank you
  3. I just tried to upload it and it’s too large... Thank you
  4. Hello, every time I merge down live layers a small white border is created on my image. Is there anyway to fix this? Please help, the live layers take up so much storage without merging them and I need them to merge down without this weird border result. I have attached a screen shot of the photo so you can see the border, now it wouldn’t be an issue on a white background on a website but a black one makes it super noticeable. Thank you
  5. Darken Still

    Crashing when sharing to camera roll.

    Hey Chris, I just checked that out and I have given Photo permission to read and write. I don’t think that was it. Now it seems to be working fine? Maybe I just needed to reboot my iPad.. thank you
  6. Hello, everytime I try to share my work to my camera roll it crashes. I tried png, jpeg, etc. I’m on the newest version of affinity photo on my iPad Pro 10.5. I have to export the file to iCloud, then open there to save to my camera roll to get my images... Is this a common issue?
  7. Thank you! Ok, that makes sense. Well I hope Affinity designer comes to the iPad soon!
  8. Hello everyone, ok, so I am having issues with my svg vector artwork that I imported into Affinity Photo. The image looks normal when at 100 % zoom then when I zoom in it gets pixelated... although when I export in pdf or svg it looks fine. Is there an option I am missing somewhere? I just want to be able to zoom in and see the file how it will look when I export. Please let me know if you have an answer or suggestion? Thank you