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  1. Thank you. That does help and it's better than guessing where center is. In the interest of saving steps, I hope Affinity decides to default a Crop Preset to the canvas center.
  2. I'd like the ability to set the Resample method default in Preferences for both Resize Document, and for PNG Export. I'm using Affinity Photo on a PC. The Lanczos Non-Separable method works best by far for my photo retouching needs and I often forget to select it when resizing the document or when exporting as PNG. Having a default in Preferences for Resample method would be one less step to remember in my workflow. Thank you for your consideration - Love Affinity Photo!
  3. Affinity Photo ver on a PC. I'm using a Live Lighting Filter with a Bump Map. Set the Opacity slider within the filter to any non-zero value and close the filter. Re-open the filter to edit, and the Opacity is now set to zero. All other sliders retain the values I used when closing the filter, except for Opacity.
  4. I want to apply an exposure adjustment to a portion of my photo (Affinity Photo on a PC). I'm able to do this using a paint brush to define the area for correction as explained here: However, I'm not able to figure out how to do the same thing using the pen to make a closed path to define the area for correction, rather than use a freehand paintbrush. Is this possible? If so, is it possible to edit the path later?
  5. Thanks MEB & Toltec ! I got it working and can edit the curves that make the soft edge mask, and also adjust exposure level.
  6. Thanks Toltec - That works. When I apply a blur to the mask to soften the transition, it changes to a pixel layer. Do you know of any way to have soft edges, yet be able to go back and modify the pen path?