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  1. thanks it worked!! <3333
  2. I'd like to, but i'll need it in pixels since ill be uploading it to imgur later
  3. it was fine on gimp and ps though, are you sure it's supposed to be like this? i don't mind too much, doing like 2000 px and exporting as 500 px has a nice result, i could always do it that way, just wondering if there was an easier way, thanks tho
  4. hey, for some reason when i make a document below 1000 ish px the quality doesn't seem that good (im a complete noob, sorry if this is a dumb question) This is a 512 x 512 px document and when i make a shape and fill it, it looks fuzzy around the edges (this happens when i add a picture too but the whole picture is fuzzy instead of just the edges) These are the settings i used, did i do something wrong? or is it supposed to be like that Sorry again if its a dumb question, thanks

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