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  1. @Carl123 - Good advice, I did not think about importing work. Many thanks!
  2. I'd like to put all of my favorite family recipes into a book format with pictures from family moments, as the kids grew up and give it to them as a cherished memory. I know there is book design software products out there, but I'd like to enjoy the challenge in Affinity Publisher. Of course a family album/scrap book template would be cool additionally with the functionality to send it to a book publisher would be good. I am a beginner with publishing software so apologies if something already exists.
  3. Simbo

    Affinity Designer Help Language

    Hi Chris The system language (OS) is german, but I'd like all of the Affinity language to be in English.
  4. Simbo

    Affinity Designer Help Language

    Hi Chris, thank you. I've tried your tip but the language for the Affinity Designer Help is still in German, despite the UI language being English.
  5. Hi I changed my UI language preference from German to English, but the Affinity Designer Help remains in German. How can I change the help content to reflect the UI Language. Thanks.

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