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  1. Hello and thx next problem, why i cant see the size from the Brush? D0F52EA4-6C3C-4362-B2B1-C2F9A1AFB3AC.MP4 C8A4EF52-DB86-4102-A922-981F098239C1.MP4
  2. No the name is IPAD OS is not longer IOS... IPad is This summer more Thema a IPad so yes buy a IPad Cheap
  3. Yea when I paste more image or when I do composing hangs, but not only erase all tools, resize, move or layer options
  4. Rob, believe me.. iPad Pro is the best Option... in this fall comes iPadOs and your ioad works like a Mac.. mouse option flash drive organization from files and and and the workaround with the pencil is great....
  5. Thx for this fast Answer, do you have any Tips to do it better? In Film i edit „proxy’s“ and later i use the original file... is the same in Affinity Photo possible ? Can i rescale without losing Quality ?
  6. Hello is this the Perfomance Limit? When i „Paste“ oder „place“ more Images, the import is very Slow, or when i Mask has a big Delay.... the AF file is 400 MB Big.. 2EA22234-AF6D-4AD6-9560-9EE685C80054.MP4
  7. Generoso

    Color problems with RAW import

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wz1rUWMgS7wDcEbCy2uP8MvMb6ryqm5I Thx
  8. Generoso

    Color problems with RAW import

    I can try but maybe is the wither balance ? I upload later more image can I upload in google drive and u send the link?
  9. Hello why when I Import a raw file, the color is so different ? kamera is Nikon D700 RGB file
  10. Generoso

    Apply Image

    Hello si this Tool available in iPad Affinity? i found apply but works so different is not the same ..
  11. Generoso

    Delete selection

    U mean this?
  12. When I import a stack from raw images same file wha happened this? and can I export 20 image or more with 1 click?
  13. Generoso

    Saving in Camewra Roll

    Hello go to Document, tuen Share and click Save Image. Tadaaa
  14. Generoso

    Blend IF

    This tool not works every time but I know this tools

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