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  1. Thanks MEB. So I just figured out that I CAN export the converted files. When I go to the Export screen, I have to click on the "Share" bottom on the bottom left and it gives me the option to export to Onedrive. After the export I cancel the export. So I got the outcome I wanted but the interface is a little counterintuitive since I end up ultimately "cancelling" the export.
  2. Hi, I'm working on an Affinity file that I created in Affinity Photo (AP). When I try to export a jpeg of the file to Onedrive, I do not have the option to export to Onedrive, only to iCloud and certain apps on my IPP (and not even AP is listed as an option). Am I correct in assuming I cannot export a converted file to Onedrive? This is confusing because I'm sure that before updating to IOS 11 I exported a converted file (PSD and PDFs) to Onedrive... How do I export a converted file? And for that matter, how do I save a copy of the AP file onto Onedrive? (I know this 2nd question was kind of answered in another thread but I didn't quite understand). I don't have any iCloud space as such and even Dropbox (which I don't normally use) is greyed out. Thanks, Jen P.S. On a completely different topic, when I imported a PSD file with text into AP, AP read text layers as objects on a pixel layer so I couldn't actually edit the text. I had to recreate the text boxes and layers. Is that normal?
  3. I used the copy and paste functions from the pasteboard in the command menu. I tried to fix it by using "paste inside" function but of course that didn't work. But I managed to complete the project so hopefully I will not have this issue again.
  4. Thanks for the fast response! It's good to know I can use this forum in the future for solutions. I have had very delayed or no replies from forums for other apps... In the end, the "mask" went away but I still can't figure out how they keep getting created.
  5. Hi, I keep trying to cut and paste an object to a different part of the canvas but when I move the object, a blue square appears. When I try to move the object outside that blue square, the object disappears. It's like there is an active frame I did not (intentionally) create that is limiting the paste area. How do I fix this? thanks
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