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  1. Hi Carl123, Ha ha very good, yes I think you guys are like Sherlock Holmes and I feel like Inspector Clouseau! Yes it appears that there is a slight blurring around the edge of images when exported. Not as sharp and crisp as before, the graphics are for the web.
  2. Hi MEB, Bingo exactly! I was at a loss to understand why this was happening. What I found strange was I had been using the same process nearly all year and only this week this issue occurred so I don't know what has happened. Thank you so much for clarifying this issue, so for future reference to ensure a transparency in the exports, transparent background must be checked I assume when exporting in PNG?
  3. Thanks Carl123, I will have to set the transparency during the document setup. It's very strange that this only occurred recently and with no other issues before. Could I ask if you had any differences in the quality of the export? Again this may be my MacBook but I feel the resolution is not as tight as before. I would like to say thank you to you Carl123 for your help.
  4. Hi MEB, Okay that's sort of explains it. Is strange that It suddenly happens on Wednesday previous to that everything was fine, I did update earlier this year to 1.5 without any issues. As Carl123 mentioned this could be a Mac problem. Thank you so much for your investigations.
  5. Hi Carl123, I created two documents. The first document was created without a transparent background in the document set up. Then I exported the image in PNG format (PNG test 1 export), and the result was a white background where there was no elements. Previously, this would have been transparent as the background was only white by default and not chosen in design. The second document I chose a transparent background (both had artboards created). Here I use the same image, again I export in PNG, this time the image is in PNG format when exported. I hope that helps and you can see the same results as I do. Once again many thanks for your attention. png test 1.afdesign png test 2.afdesign
  6. Hi Carl123, I can only get a transparent background in export if the canvas is set to transparency in the setup of the document. My issue is I don't like to design with transparent background and I always had a white canvas when designing (the colour is white by default and does not reflect any of the design), when I needed a PNG export I would choose this, the white canvas areas (By default) with no design elements would then become transparent. This was a default setting in the document if you do not choose transparency in the document set up. Also you are correct in assuming that there has been a loss in PNG quality. The workaround solution by choosing a transparent canvas during the creation of the document allows me to export in PNG but the quality is not the same as before. There is a blurring to the image when produced and if I Zoom out when in Preview mode on my MacBook the resolution of the image is tighter and similar as before. Many thanks for your contributions.
  7. Hi Carl123, Thanks for your suggestion, I had tried that earlier but with out any success. The version that I am using is the released version. Downloaded from the App Store.
  8. Hi MEB, Sorry if there's any confusion I will try to clarify here. During normal creation of a new document, there is the option to choose create artboard, plus the option to have a transparent background during the design stage. I always choose to create artboard and I do not choose a transparent background for the canvas (this creates a default white canvas instead of the chequered transparent style). Then at the export option I would choose PNG where are all elements that are designed would be exported and the white canvas background was transparent as I did not choose the chequered background option. I am aware that PNG can also be for colour so to reduce the weight of the image. If I choose a transparent background it appears to be okay with a reduction in quality of the Image unfortunately. My issue is that I prefer to work with the non-transparent background and I was always able to export the artboard and all the images and graphics inside it as a PNG if chosen, with the default white canvas areas becoming transparent. I have followed that process since first using the software without any issues. Thank you for your attention on this matter. Stephen
  9. Hi Carl123, I uploaded two images. wnmmedialogo.png was created with canvas set as non-transparent during design, this was exported as a PNG but as you can see it retains a white background. The second image wnmlogo.png was created with transparent canvas during the design, this is now exports as a PNG but the quality of image has being affected. Your suggestions are greatly received.
  10. Hi Carl123, Yes I check that earlier but I looked again and yes I have the same as you with the checked red line indicating transparent background. Thank you very much for your suggestion. I am really at a loss to understand why this is happening, everything has been fine until yesterday. I have not changed settings or had any updates on any other software / applications on my MacBook.
  11. Hi Chris K, I'm referring to the file extension. I have tried all of those alternatives but nothing seems to work. If the canvas is transparent during the design phase then I seem to get a PNG image when exported, though the resolution of the image is a Little blurry and not sharp as normal. I attach a PNG exported image, in design mode the canvas was white instead of transparent, I never use transparent canvas and I've always been able to export in PNG. The image was 600 X 600 and exported as a PNG as you can see the white background has remained. Thank you once again for your attention and I appreciate your suggestions.
  12. Hi MEB, Thanks for your response. I am in draw persona, I had changed none of the settings. I normally like the canvas to be white when designing, but it does not matter what I seem to do, it is exporting as a JPEG. Also the quality of the export now is a little blurry and not the quality that it has been previously. I have always used draw persona and never encountered any difficulties before. I'm not sure if that helps but I appreciate your attention. Stephen
  13. Hi Guys, I hope that you can provide me with some solutions to a problem that is very frustrating. For some unknown reason, in the last day I am unable to export any images in PNG format. Nothing had changed in my use of affinity designer, also the images that were exported were blurry and a little pixelated, not as normal. When set for PNG export the images were exported in JPEG format. I did many tests and have a small workaround, by setting the canvas as transparent this allows me to have a PNG format but the quality of the image is still not as normal, blurry and a little pixelated. I have tried to resolve this in every reasonable way, but this issue seems to persist. I'm using a MacBook Pro and have had no updates of software for any other applications. I am at a loss to understand why this suddenly happened, I have done a factory restore of the application but this has not resolved the issue. I use the application daily and this is a great inconvenience to me, I hope someone can provide me with a solution to fix the quality of the image and resolve the PNG issue also. Many thanks in advance