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  1. Centaur

    Unable to open Affinity Photo on Mac .

    Followed your instructions and I think we're in business ... Photo opened no problems - great relief. I'll keep note of this tip in case of future problems. Many thanks.
  2. Two weeks ago, Photo 1.6.6 started 'freezing' and I had to force quit, several times. Now it won't even open any images. I uninstalled then reinstalled it from Apple App store (twice ...) - no difference. I then installed it as a free 10 day trial from the Serif site, at least it opens images. Having just received my workbook, I'm wondering if I've wasted my money. Any meaningful advice for me before I'm forced to return to Photoshop and advise friends accordingly? In all other respects, my 5K Mac works fine with latest software updates installed.