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  1. First of all – photo doesn't remember tools settings, as pressure control is always off on startup and you need to turn it on every time you open Photo. Second – it seems Photo has a really hard time with pen pressure, especially when dealing with very light strokes. The line width doesn't change smoothly between values as it is expected to work. I think image explains it better than thousand words: Both pictures were drawn with my XP Pen Artist 12". On both the Brush size is set to 10px. Both brushes have hardness set to 100% with brush size controlled by pen pressure and nothing more (no flow dynamics etc.) yet on Photoshop brush strokes are much smoother and natural looking. I tried to compensate it with accumulation and hardness dynamic, but nothing seems to help. What's the point of having so detailed dynamic options if in the end you can't even have a smooth looking brush? I think this feature still needs a lot of work.
  2. Too bad. It seems I will have to stick with Adobe products for some more time. Thanks anyways and I hope it won't last very long to get included in future releases of both Photo and Designer.
  3. Due to my satisfaction with Designer, I decided to check if I could get break the status-quo and finally find something that might replace Adobe's Photoshop for drawing and photo manipulation. My problem is I can't find a way to freely rotate the working canvas. The only thing I found is the View > Rotate Left / Rotate Right, which rotates the canvas by 15 degrees either direction, but while drawing one would prefer to rotate the image freely with a single-key keystroke, or even better with key + mouse drag action like it works with the rotation tool in Photoshop (rotates by a free angle by left-click dragging the mouse while holding R). Is there any way to achieve this functionality or is it a big no-no for Affinity? Rotation_AdobeVsAffinity.mp4
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