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  1. Chris, thank you for responding. The answer to my dilemma was very simple once I gained a further understand of how layers work. I was watching another video later on that showed me why I was able to get it to work when I "moved" the layer. I had it below the background layer. Something so simple, but so frustrating if you don't realize the layers are stacked in a particular order for a reason. Hopefully my bonehead mistake will help someone else who is making the same mistake as they learn to use the product. MT
  2. I got it to work. But I have no idea how i got it to work. I merely dragged the text layer to a different spot in the lineup. Worked on it forever this morning and nothing would make it fill. Kept not showing up as the background color was dark.
  3. Making a book cover. I've created 2 text fields and filled with a particular color. It's not letting me fill the third text field. I've tried deleting and creating a new one. Not sure what I'm missing or if it's a bug.