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  1. Merci, I did not think of that one
  2. Thank you Isocult. I am the only administrator and there is only one account on this computer looking in my laptop I found I have 2 graphic cards and that they are in conflict. I do not know how to correct that so I went to a computer forum if I resolve my problem I will post it in.
  3. Cela fait plus de deux heures que joue dans le gestionnaire de tache et le logiciel de ma carte vidéo sans résulta je suis sur le point de démissioner Merci!
  4. Hello Isocult, I will try to follow your instruction but since I never had a trial version I'm not sure I will find something. If I do I will keep you and others posted Thank you!
  5. Hello Mark, I believe you are right my problem comes from my graphic card. My drivers are up to date and I still do not understand why Affinity works normally on my laptop but when i open Affinity on my second monitor it now crashes in 5 minutes. I'm not a geek but I will try to find some answers on computer forums Thank you!
  6. Bonjour Alain, Thank you for your response. I think that my problem is more related to the graphic card than windows so i'm investigating. Merci!
  7. Hello ! I need help to understand if my computer is out of date or if it simply has a compatibility problem with Affinity photo. My problems started with the new affinity update in the beginning my computer crashed randomly sometimes once a week but now like today it crashed 4 times in less then 2 hours. Bellow you will find some specs of my computer. There is also a picture of my screen when it freezes. i must mention that this is my second screen but it is my photo screen since it is possible to be perfectly calibrated. Each time it crashes everything stops working no message or codes my only way to restart is manually. One last thing today it crash on a simple crop and 5 minutes later it crash when I was transfering a picture from Lightroom to Affinity photo. Thank you for your help.
  8. Hello everyone, I want to print a picture, but I don't know how to get rid of the color flare around the top of the gate. I would like to know how this is call, if possible what cause it and could it be repair? It has been work on Lightroom and Affinity photo and the original seems to have disappeared in all the process. At the time I was new to Lightroom and Affinity . I now always make a virtual copy of my work . Thank you for your help and time. Italie.tif
  9. THank you all for your response. My ultimate goal was to use Lightroom as an image editor and use Affinity for everything else. that seems impossible so I will continue to process my files in Lightroom and use Affinity for more artistic reason. I also understand that the develop persona is useless unless it is the only software at hand.
  10. Thank you Lee D for your response. I easily transfer TIFF and JPG from Lightroom to Affinity. I am no expert, but I think TIFF are not as manageable as RAW files, even though TIFF are much better than JPG. Is there another way to transfer RAW or DNG files from Lightroom to Affinity? Thank you!
  11. Hello! I am new to Affinity photo, and lots to learn. For now I would like to understand why I can not transfer RAW files directly from lightroom to Affinity photo.. For now the only way I found is to open Affinity -file-open go to image folders find the picture I want to process, which is disturbing since i have at least 200 pictures to process in many different folders. I would like to mention that I have no problems transferring jpg files. thank You for your time